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The Main Equipment for Activated Carbon Manufacturing-Activation Furnace

May. 12, 2020

The current commonly used activation furnaces in China are:

(1) Slep furnace: also known as the saddle type furnace, because the refractory brick of the activation zone is a saddle type, which was originally a French patent. It was introduced into China by the Soviet Union in the 1950s and was put into production at the Taiyuan Xinhua Chemical Plant in Shanxi A series of improvements in the Beijing Guanghua Timber Factory have resulted in a small, simplified, small investment, and quick-recovery improved Slip-type activation furnace, which is used by many activated carbon factories to produce granular carbon. Our company sells carbonization furnace.

Activated gas: Alternate activation of water vapor and flue gas. Main advantages: continuous production, large output, high quality, high superheated steam temperature, stability, and no need for external heating. Main problems: high requirements for raw materials, high cost, high technical requirements, and large maintenance costs.

(2) Stewing furnace:

Activated gas: high temperature flue gas produced by coal combustion. Main advantages: simple and economical. Main problems: high fuel consumption, uneven activation, high labor intensity, and large dust.

Carbonization Furnace

(3) Soil harrow furnace:

Activated gas: water vapor (air). Main advantage: The simplest furnace type. Main problems: low yield, low quality, original workshop style, and environmental pollution.

(4) Multi-tube furnace:

Activated gas: water vapor. Main advantages: no fuel, stable, easy to control, and large output. Main problems: uneven activation, low carbon quality, low superheated steam temperature, easy damage to refractory tubes, and large investment

(5) Rotary furnace:

Activated gas: flue gas, water vapor. Main advantages: continuous operation, more uniform activation, suitable for production of gas-phase activated carbon. Main problems: huge equipment, poor thermal efficiency, fuel consumption, and low quality of finished products.

(6) Boiling furnace:

Activated gas: air, water vapor. Main advantages: good gas-solid contact, uniform activation, and small mechanical footprint. Main question: Asking about production, easy slagging affects normal operation and fuel consumption.

(7) Multi-layer rake furnace:

Activated gas: flue gas, water vapor. Main advantages: the introduction of fire-type equipment from abroad, large activation intensity, adaptability to various products, and automation. Main problems: large investment, high technical requirements, and high operating costs.

In addition, there are multi-tube boiling furnaces, overflow-type boiling furnaces, swirling jet activation furnaces, tunnel kiln activation furnaces, inclined plate activation furnaces, louver activation furnaces, mechanical rake activation furnaces, etc.

The above information is provided by activated charcoal manufacturer.