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Factory Design Solution

Beside of the activated carbon and related equipment, Xingyuan also supply customer with biomass solution, based on Xingyuan around 30 years experience and research, Now Xingyuan can supply with bellow factory solution:

A: Single Products Plant Solution

B: Utilization One-Stop Solution

You may find the suitable solution for your biomass treatment plant, or your target is activated carbon or electricity , you can find all the best solution as bellow:

A: Single Products Plant Solution

Solution-1-1: Bio-power Plant

Biomass Power Plant

This is a type of waste biomass treatment and multi-products project. This factory will focus on biomass utilization only. Use Xingyuan gasification technology, final main products will be charcoal +electricity+ wood vinegar.

Solution-1-2: Bio-Power + Steam Plant 

This is the solution-1 upgraded version, change the gas genset into boiler system. gasification + boiler system, final products will be charcoal + wood vinegar +steam.

Solustion-2-1: Carbonizing Factory

This is a type of waste biomass treatment project. factory focus on charcoal making ,main products will be various of Charcoal such as coconut shell charcoal ,palm charcoal, bamboo charcoal, wood charcoal Olive charcoal, peach/apricot charcoal, hawthorn charcoal, etc. Different raw material with different furnace.

Coconut Charcoal Making Furnance

Solustion-2-2: Carbonizing & Steam Factory / Carbonizing & Drying Factory

This is the solution-2 upgraded version, during the carbonizing procedure, collect the waste gas energy and used into boiler system or directly use the hot air for drying, can extra steam, main products is charcoal and steam or make a palm or coconut fiber drying production line.

Solution-3: Activated Carbon Plant

Based on charcoal raw material, like wood charcoal or shell charcoal or even carbonized coal, to produce different type of activated carbon with PAC (Powder Activated Carbon), GAC (Granular Activated Carbon),Extruded Pellets Activated carbon. A completely activation and AC treatment Line.

Activated Carbon Rotary Kiln

Solution-4: Carbonizing + Activation Factory

Together the solution-2 and solution-3, that's a traditional activated carbon factory, main products will be charcoal+activated carbon+extra steam.

Factory Design Solution

Activated Carbon Manufacture

Solution-5: Bio-power Plant + Activated Carbon Factory

Together the solution-1 and solution-3, that's a new technology biomass comprehensive utilization program. Final main products is charcoal,activated carbon, electricity, wood vinegar.

Biomass Activated Carbon Production Line

Solution-6: Activated Carbon Reactivation Factory

Waste activated carbon after regeneration can be reactivated, buy waste activated carbon from sugar factory, MSG factory or other industry, then regenerate in the kiln / furnace.

Activated Carbon Regeneration

Solution-7-1:Activated Carbon + Reactivation Factory

Solution-7-2 : Carbonizing + Activated Carbon + Reactivation Factory

B: Utilization One-Stop Solution

Biomass Comprehensive Utilization One-Stop Solution

Biomass Technology

Main Products Solution:

Bio-power Plant+ Activated Carbon + Reactivation Factory

By Products Solution:

Charcoal Powder can used for BBQ charcoal briquette, BBQ charcoal ball, Mosquito coil, Bio-fertilizer, Shisha Charcoal etc.

Activated carbon powder can used for Water treatment, Bio-fertilizer, activated carbon cubic, activated carbon plate etc.

If you want to start a factory for biomass treatment or charcoal, activated carbon or others plant related ,please contact us for more information ,we will serve you with best technology and find the right solution for your plan.

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