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What is activated charcoal?

Activated charcoal also called activated carbon ,is a black porous solid carbon. The main component is carbon and contains a small amount of oxygen, hydrogen, sulfur, nitrogen, chlorine, and other elements. It has strong adsorption performance and is an industrial adsorbent with extremely wide applications. Mainly divided into the following categories:

(1) Coconut shell activated carbon;

(2) Nutshell activated carbon;

(3) Wood activated carbon;

(4) Pellets activated carbon;

(5) Coal activated carbon; 

The advantages of organic activated carbon?

(1) The service life is 4-5 times that of ordinary coal-based activated charcoal;

(2) High adsorption and desorption, thus greatly improving the recovery rate of the solvent;

(3) High strength and low ash content, reasonable pore size distribution;

(4) High-cost performance, suitable for all organic gas recycling in this field;

(5) High fire safety. The pore size distribution of the product is reasonable, and the maximum adsorption and desorption are achieved, which greatly improves the service life (average is 2-3 years), which is generally 4-5 times that of coal-based activated carbon, so there is no need to frequently replace organic activated charcoal to affect production, and the price is high. Greatly save operating costs for enterprises. For the second use, enjoy preferential door-to-door replacement of new charcoal and other services.