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Activated Carbon Is A Biomass Comprehensive Utilization Project

Oct. 19, 2021

Raw material brief introduction

      Forest biomass including rice husk, fruit shells , trees’ mess ,wood based and bamboo based waste mess) and other agriculture waste things . These Forest and farm biomass things with advantages widely distribution source, regeneration ,less Sulfur and Nitrogen content , it’s a good green and sustainable source all of the world .

biomass material

Program Final Products Introduction

      Program output final products including : G+C+E+AC+L ,

G---gas ,wood gas after purification can used for the gas generator or as fuel for the boiler

C---charcoal,hard charcoal from wood and shell can directly used for activated carbon ,soft charcoal can used for the mosquito coir or SHISHA charcoal

E---electricity from 200-nM KW ,as design 

AC—activated carbon ,the activated carbon can used for the water purification ,gold minning and many area.

L---- liquid , wood tar oil and wood vinegar , wood tar oil can used to make Biodiesel ,wood vinegar can used as preservatives and fertilizer for leaves plant.

National Policy and market analysis

        In the recently days, the world warming and smog more and more worse in all of the world ,so it’s the first responsibility for every country to keep a policy to control the energy conservation and emission reduction .during of the programs the green energy power station is a representative program ,like Wind power generation, Solar power generation and Biomass power plant . it’s already famous all of the world ,but during these program ,the Biomass power plant is the one which is not only sustainable and green energy ,also can get benefit from the waste program, not only get the electricity ,also can max improve the added value like activated carbon and the wood tar oil and vinegar . so the biomass power program is the top one program not only for every country also the hunmen beings . and also supported by every countries’ policy and rules .

       G+C+E+AC+L Biomass cogeneration project main products is wood or shell based charcoal, purified wood gas ,electricity ,wood vinegar ,wood tar oil and activated carbon etc ,it’s the totally new technology for comprehensive utilization and environmental program . this program can also separate invest as carbonizing – gasification –purification—carbon activation project step by step . Finial products including as bellow:A: After carbonizing ,the soft charcoal can proceed to BBQ charcoal ,bio-charcoal fertilizer too keep water and nutrients in soil ,and also can used as a microorganism carrier,to change the soil PH value to keep the agriculture harvest . shell based or hard wood based charcoal can used for activated carbon production , for activated carbon there is also another report for reference .B: The wood gas after many class purification can get the clean gas for generator ,the electricity can joint with the national electricity net or for factory used ,many differnent choice .and can also used as fuel for the biomass boiler .C: During the purification there are added products –wood vinegar and the wood tar oil . the wood vinegar can used as leaves plant fertilizer or wood products preservatives ,the wood tar oil can used to make bio-diesel .it’s already have their price for these products.As a conclusion , this new biomass technology let the biomass energy used utilization achieved above 98% . and in the same time ,can also improved added value of the by-products.

Technical process

      Xingyuan Biomass Carbon Gas Oil Cogeneration technology procedure as following:  put the forest biomass into the Gasifier and Carbonizing Furnace, after the gas and liquid separate in gas purification procedure ,the pure gas will as fuel directly to the Gas turbine generating unit create electricity .During this procedure ,there have other two byproduct ,charcoal and Biomass extract . Biomass things out put from the Gasifer and carbonizing machine ,will change to Biomass solid charcoal ,these charcoal with lots of nutrient elements for the agriculture plants ,can keep the water and fertilizer in a long time ,and release them slowly ,so based on this vantage of such charcoal, we can mix them with fertilizer to get a organic compound fertilizer, it’s best use in repair and improve the pollution and degradation land . And these charcoal is also a good insulate warm keeping material in the Iron and steel industry.  The liquid after gas separating and cooling will be collected as the Biomass extract,can used for farm use disinfection &deodorization liquid after processed. And can also make to the additive for the pesticides and the leaf fertilizer. Widely used in agriculture planting all of the world.

      Forest and agriculture biomass project , is an environmental and high economic technology ,helpful in the forest and agriculture biomass circulation. And in another hand ,collect forest and agriculture waste for electricity make the biomass circulation speed up and effectively reduce the pollution.all of the world already more focus on such project ,this project also have best historical significance.

      The project based on the agriculture waste like rice husk ,cotton trees ,shells etc ,it’s not only a pollution-free program ,also an environmental projects . To maximize the utilization of the biomass things ,can acchive more then 96%. Different with the traditional biomass gasifer only get the gas for electricity or boiler ,this system purpose is get gas for boiler or electricity +charcoal for activated carbon ,wood vinegar and wood tar oil etc products . if equipped with the wood gas electricity generator system and the activated carbon production line ,will be maximinum use the energy of the biomass things.

Brief introduction of the project process
      Biomass gasification and carbonizing technology can use agriculture straw , branch from trees , rice husk ,bagasse, corn core etc agricultures wastes as feeding raw material ,after crushing and meshing can continuously feeding into the carbonizing furnace by the CLC control system, in the furnace drying-carbonation of cracked process ,finally out put the biomass raw wood gas and biomass charcoal .the raw gas need to process with filters to purify then get the pure wood gas +wood tar oil+wood vinegar .the hardness charcoal can used for make activated carbon to higher the value ,soft charcoal can used for BBQ or SHISHA charcoal after press to block. The gas and liquid things can used for electricity or boiler fuel and the pure to bio-diesel and other chemical things . This technology developed the traditional biomass gasification process , the most important is the control system , first is make the charcoal with best quality, and more efficient to get gas and pure the gas and separate the liquid things , full procedure without any pollution .

biomass gasifier


Program Advantage
      This program main advantage as bellow:

A:The production line is continuous working and self-heating ,no need extra fuel and without any pollution water/air/things come out.full use the biomass energy and in the same time helpful for the environment . 

B:The carbonizing and gasification furnace is very different with the traditional Gasification furnace .after our design and testing ,traditional gasification output charcoal is useless coz the volatile content close to zero,can not used for BBQ SHISHA and activated carbon. our new carbonizing and gasification furnace design to perfectly solve this problem. Carbonizing speed fast and quality best,saving time and continuous feeding and output ,speed is 20times then the traditional carbonizing way. 

C:If compare with the other fuel like  coal or diesel ,maximum reduce the emissions like CO2、NOx and SO,realize the emissions reducing and saving energy .and in the same time ,let the farmers get a new benefit point. 

D:resolved the problem coursed by the burning the waste straw ,from the economy way to realize the environment problem from farmers. 

E:In the full production line ,can adjusted the gas+charcoal+liquid products quality and quantity ,according to the customers’ request ,get the products percentage .easy control . 

F:Can also make the different biomass things to pellets then feeding ,mix with different raw materials together for feeing is no problem . 

G:Beside the charcoal and gas production ,the wood tar oil and liquid things also have their value in market , oil can used for the bio-diesel and wood vinegar can used as fertilizer and fungicide etc. it’s a sustainable and environment friendly project.

Activated Carbon Rotary Kiln