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Chinese Test methods of activated carbon ash content

Sep. 25, 2021

How to test the charcoal or activated carbon ash content ?different country will use similar testing method, here take Chinese Test methods of activated carbon ash content for a sample.

Chinese Test methods of activated carbon ash content

1 Scope

This standard specifies the method for determining the ash content of wood activated carbon.

This standard applies to wood activated carbon.

2 Method summary

The sample was ashed at (650 ± 20) °C for several hours, and the ash content was expressed as a percentage of the mass of the obtained ash and the mass of the original sample.

3 instruments

3.1 High temperature electric furnace, adjustable to (650 ± 20) °C.

3.2 30mL porcelain crucible.

3.3 Analytical balance, can be weighed to 0.1mg.

3.4 Dryer.

4 Operating steps

4.1 Place 30mL porcelain crucible in a high temperature electric furnace, burn to constant weight (about 1h) at (650±20) °C, place the crucible in the desiccator, and cool for 30min.

Weighing (weighed to 0.1mg).

4.2 Weigh 1 g of dry sample pulverized to 71 μm (precision to 0.1 mg) and place in 30 mL of porcelain crucible that has been burned to constant weight.

4.3 Feed the crucible into a high temperature electric furnace with a temperature not exceeding 300 °C, open the crucible cover, gradually increase the temperature, and ash to a constant weight at (650±20) °C.

5 Calculation of results

X=(m2 -m1 )/m×100 ....................................... (1)

Where: X - ash content, %;

M2—ash and niobium mass, g;

M1porcelain crucible weight, g;

M—sample weight, g.