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The impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic on the activated carbon industry

Apr. 01, 2021

At present, the overseas epidemic situation continues to spread, and the number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia continues to increase.

Due to the different medical conditions, attitudes and methods of responding to the epidemic in various countries, the uncertainty of overseas epidemics has increased significantly, and global economic growth has been overshadowed. Compared with 2020, as the domestic epidemic prevention and control situation improves, enterprises in various regions gradually resume work and recover. Production, the impact on activated carbon manufacturers of environmental protection enterprises is also slowly decreasing.

At present, there are hundreds of activated carbon production enterprises in my country, and a large number of activated carbon products provide environmental protection support for the development of industrial production. Domestic activated carbon manufacturers have standardized production and preparation processes, advanced technology, and rich experience. They maintain a leading position in global marketing, manufacturing and technology in the production, use and recycling of activated carbon. It mainly produces wooden activated carbon

activated carbon

After years of development, the types of activated carbon products have become more and more abundant. Activated carbon products are widely used in fields such as oil and gas recovery, desulfurization, sewage treatment, and deodorization, and have many national patents in the treatment of VOCs.


After implementing various measures for the prevention and control of the epidemic this year, most activated carbon manufacturers have resumed work normally, and supply orders have continued to increase to ensure customer demand for activated carbon. It is worth mentioning that the price of activated carbon is relatively stable. Affected by the 2020 epidemic, the coastal coal market is in short supply. Enterprises producing coal-based activated carbon have been affected to some extent, but they have slowly recovered.


On the whole, the market price of activated carbon is relatively stable and the supply is relatively sufficient. However, the global epidemic situation is still in an extraordinary period. For activated carbon companies engaged in import and export trade, there is still a policy to wait and see!