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Everything You Need To Know About Carbon Black And Activated Carbon

Mar. 31, 2021

Carbon black is made up of fine amorphous carbon and produced from partial combustion of hydrocarbons. The various properties of carbon black are controlled by partially combusting gases and oils. It typically comprises of 95% carbon with small amounts of oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen. The particles of carbon black range in sizes from 10 nm to about 500 nm. Carbon black is used most widely used as a rubber-reinforcing additive in a number of rubber products, including automobile tires. It is also used as coloring agents, pigments, electric conductive agents, and reinforcing fillers.

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Everything You Need To Know About Carbon Black And Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon
The pervasive uses of carbon black in rubber reinforcement are likely to drive the carbon black market. Carbon black is chiefly used as a reinforcement additive in a number of products, including vibration dampers, shoe soles, automobile tires, rubber belts, hoses, etc. The major use of carbon black in the tire industry as a reinforcing filler to increase the wear and abrasion resistance has led to significant demand for carbon black. Carbon black is profusely used in manufacturing tires, and around one-fourth of the weight of the automobile, tire consists of carbon black.

The heavy reliance of the tire industry on carbon black coupled with the steadily growing tire industry is likely to spur the demand for carbon black in the forecast period. Moreover, the burgeoning demand for carbon black in tires to avert the build-up of electrostatic charge in electrostatic sensitive applications such as oil trucks and hospital operating carts is anticipated to further drive the carbon black market in the future. Other uses of carbon black in printing inks, resins, paints, and toners are also expected to support the growth of the carbon black market.

Applications: Tire, Non-Tire Rubber, Plastics, Inks & Coatings.

Types: Furnace Black, Channel Black, Thermal Black, Acetylene Black.

Top Players: Cabot Corporation, China Synthetic Rubber Corporation, Jiangxi Black Cat Carbon Black Inc., Ltd., Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, OCI Company Ltd., OMSK Carbon Group, Orion Engineered Carbons S.A., Phillips Carbon Black Limited, Thai Carbon Black Public Company Limited (Birla Carbon), Tokai Carbon Co., Ltd.