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  • Shell Activated Carbon Stove
  • Shell Activated Carbon Stove
  • Shell Activated Carbon Stove
  • Shell Activated Carbon Stove
  • Shell Activated Carbon Stove

Shell Activated Carbon Stove


Activated carbon stove build by fire bricks and insulation bricks , can directly make activated carbon from raw shell by steam way activation, faced on low and middle iodine value activated carbon.

---Raw shell directly produce AC.

---Low electricity consumption.

---Easy operation ,no need too much experience

---Great yeild about 5.5 : 1

Wood Carbonizing Furnace

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--Xingyuan One Step Activated Carbon Stove ,activated charcoal stove

---Raw shell directly produce AC.

---Low electricity consumption.

---Easy operation ,no need too much experience

---Great yeild about 5.5 : 1

Activated Carbon Upright Kiln

---Xingyuan Biomass Equipment Brand---

Wood Carbonizing Furnace

What's the raw materials?

Xingyuan Activated carbon Upright kiln raw material is raw shell or shell charcoal:

Raw shell like coconut shell, bamboo, olive shell, peach shell, apricot shell, candle nut shell, palm shell, hawthorn seed etc. or the charcoal from these shells.

What's means by one step?

One step means from raw shells to activated carbon, only need one step, feeding raw shell output activated carbon.

Traditionally Steam activation is in a two-stage process. Firstly the raw material, in the form of lumps, pre sized material, briquettes or extrudates, is carbonized by heating in an inert atmosphere such as flue gas, second stage is the activation stage which enlarges the pore structure, increases the internal surface area and makes it more accessible. The carbonized product is activated with steam at a temperature between 900C and 1100C. The chemical reaction between the carbon and steam takes place at the internal surface of the carbon, removing carbon from the pore walls and thereby enlarging the pores. The steam activation process allows the pore size to be readily altered and carbons can be produced to suit specific end-sues. For an example, the pore structure has to be opened up more for the adsorption of small molecules from a solution, as in water purification, than for the adsorption of large colour molecules in sugar decolorization.

But, Xingyuan One step activated carbon upright kiln designed in one stage, from the raw shell directly to the activated carbon by steam activation method.

Explanation for Upright Kiln Production Line Procedure:

1-Raw materials no need to carbonize first before feeding into the activated carbon Upright kiln. Can use Xingyuan activated carbon kiln directly for shell or shell charcoal activation. With high temperature 8000-1100 degree, and about 12hours activation, can get the good quality of activated carbon products.

Shell or Charcoal by feeding-activation-cooling than can be stocked for crushing and milling process.

Activated Carbon Upright Kiln

2-After activation by xingyuan rotary kiln, according to the customers' request, the raw activated carbon need to be crushed –packing –selling. but for some special request, need extra acid washing treatment.

Activated Carbon Upright Kiln

3— Testing is very important during the activated carbon running

Activated Carbon Upright Kiln

What equipment should equipped in a Upright Kiln /Vertical Kiln activated carbon factory?

A steam activation factory should be equipped its factory according to the procedure:

1---Crush the raw shell into suitable size

2---Use Upright Kiln for Steam activation.

3---Raw AC. Treatment system, crushing and milling, also including acid washing or other procedure.

4---A lab for testing.

Activated Carbon Upright Kiln

Activated Carbon Upright Stove ,Vertical Kiln factory design

This set of high efficient technology activated carbon stove ,activated charcoal stove composition:

1- feeding systems

2- Activated carbon Upright kiln main body

3- Output system

4- temperature testing system

5- Steam Creating system

6- Waste gas treatment and discharge

Xingyuan activated carbon stove ,activated charcoal stove specification:


One Step Activated Carbon Upright Kiln  


Activated Carbon Upright Kiln


Physical Steaming Aerobic Activation

Main material

1.Red bricks &fire bricks & insulate material
2.waste gas steam boiler system
3. structure stainless steel
4.Multi-steam injection system
5.Smoke treatment system before discharge

Raw material

1. raw shell granular(coconut shell, palm shell, peach kernel, hazelnut shell, apricot shell, etc.). or shell charcoal with shell mix
2. granular mesh size or natural size raw shell or charcoal


8*6*8m for each set only kiln, whole set take place 35*10*15m


800-900 degree

AC quality

1. Iodine 800- 1000
2. hardness can reach 98 ,suitable for gold AC
3. can not use as carrier AC,

AC application

A: water purification 
B: Air clean
C: Chromed plated
D: Petrochemical industry
E: Gold absorbing


2-3tons per day
based on: iodine value 1000mg/g ASTM

Project time

50days installation,
15days training ,20days running.totally 3 month

Start fire

first time 5-7days,after 3days


500KW. H per day


4*20GP, 1*40HQ,1*40OT


  1. Raw shell directly produce AC.

  2. Low electricity consumption.

  3. easy operation ,no need too much experience


  1. AC quality not high 800-1000mg/g

  2. MB value low.

  3. Labor output ,semi-auto operation

Xingyuan Activated Carbon One Step Kiln Different Size

Model No.Size  MMMaterial Channel (Pcs)Capacity  ( MT/DAY)Measurement Standard
XYACM-UK014000(L)*4000 (W)*8000(H)41.2Based on IODINE VALVE   1000mg/g
XYACM -UK025000(L)*4000 (W)*8000(H)51.5
XYACM -UK035500(L)*4000 (W)*8000(H)61.8
XYACM -UK046000(L)*4000 (W)*8000(H)72.1
XYACM -UK056500(L)*4000 (W)*8000(H)82.5
XYACM -UK067000(L)*4000 (W)*8000(H)92.8
XYACM -UK067500(L)*4000 (W)*8000(H)103.2

Remark: This is based on coconut shell activated carbon capacity, the data will different according to different raw material. details please contact us for more information.

Xingyuan three Type of Activated Carbon kiln and activated carbon machine

A: Rotary Kiln

B: Upright Kiln

C: Rake Furnace.

Activated Carbon Upright Kiln

Activated Carbon Upright Kiln

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