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Introduction To The Application Fields of Coal Activated Carbon

Oct. 14, 2020

Coal Activated Carbon is a cylindrical activated carbon made of high-quality selected coal as raw material, kerosene as a binder, powdered, mixed, extruded, carbonized, and activated.

Coal activated carbon has large specific surface area, well-developed pores, high strength, strong adsorption capacity, and good chemical stability. It can be widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other harmful and toxic and microbial purification and filtration, and it is suitable for low-sweep benzene, Harmful gases such as alcohols, carbon tetrachloride, and chloroform have a good adsorption effect and can be recovered.

Application areas:

1. Gas purification treatment, coal activated carbon used for waste gas treatment is made of coal as raw material and is strictly processed after crushing and refining steps. Its specific surface area is relatively large, pore structure is also very good, and the distribution is very reasonable , The adsorption capacity is very strong, the particle distribution is uniform, and the wear resistance is high. The gas purification treatment is mainly for the purification of chemical raw materials, including some organic gases, toxic gases and other gases, which can separate and purify the air, and the effect is very good.

Wood Activated Carbon

Wood Activated Carbon

2. Coal activated carbon can also be used for sewage treatment. Generally, high-quality coal is used as a raw material. It has a reasonable space and can effectively purify domestic and industrial water.

3. Desulfurization and denitrification. This material is generally made of high-quality carbon raw materials, but a certain proportion of binders and co-catalysts need to be added, which are processed through processes such as selection, crushing, drying, and deep processing. It has many performance characteristics, it can be said that it has good water resistance and gas resistance is also very small, and has strong pressure resistance;

4. the solvent recovery treatment also needs to use coal activated carbon. It is made by a physical activation method. It has a black granular shape, no taste, no toxicity, and well-developed pores, so it has strong adsorption capacity and is widely used in organic Solvent recovery treatment;

5. Nitrogen generators and air separation equipment are also widely used. Nitrogen generators need to use special High Quality Coal Activated Carbon, which is suitable for deoxidizing carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other inert gases. The effect is very good, so it is commonly used in these equipment To.

Coal activated carbon mainly includes two types, including coal activated carbon and Wood Activated Carbon. The main materials of wood activated carbon are coconut shell and wood, while coal activated carbon uses natural coal as the raw material and has good performance, so it is widely used in In various fields.