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What is the carbonizing furnace and How to make shell charcoal charcoal?

Jun. 07, 2021

What is the carbonizing furnace?

Xingyuan carbonizing furnace, or other names like Carbonizing equipment,carbonizing machine, carbonizing furnace, is a type of equipment, change the biomass things like to charcoal, according to the different biomass material can separated into coconut shell charcoal making machine, shell charcoal furnace, bamboo charcoal making machine, or shell carbonizing furnace.

How to make shell charcoal or bamboo charcoal?

Making charcoal from bamboo and many kinds of shells(like coconut shells, apricot shells ,peach shells, dates, palm shells etc.) mainly depends on high temperature carbonization to convert the shells and bamboo waste to charcoal, combustible gas, wood vinegar and tar, which is beneficial for the environment protection when compared with other traditional straw disposal methods. In addition, the shell carbonizing furnace is also helpful to reduce the energy consumption and realize the goal of increasing income and reducing expenditure. Thus more and more charcoal making machine manufacturers has focused on the research and development of bamboo waste and shells to charcoal equipment.

Shell Bamboo Carbonizing Furnace

Xingyuan Shell Charcoal Machine in indonesia

Practicability of Xingyuan shell and bamboo carbonization equipment

Now China environment policy restrict day by day, even in this situation, Xingyuan shell carbonizing furnace still with big market in China. beside the China market, Xingyuan carbonizing furnace also export to Indonesia, Thailand, Philippine, Malaysia also. all with very good reputation.

Signification of developing Xingyuan Shell to charcoal machine

Environmental protection

The introduction of excellent carbonization craft can make residual material fully recycled and avoid waste pollution. For example, the waste gas and some ash will be purified to remove sulphur by spay dedusting system at first, so there is no tail gas discharged during the process. Moreover, the installation of condenser system can extract tar and wood vinegar from combustible gas, which has realized both environmental protection and new energy development.

Economic prospect

In addition to the high utilization value of final products produced by shell charcoal machinery, it can also create higher economic profits with the lower investment. Because of its excellent burning value, the shell charcoal maker machine has become more and more popular in the market. What's more, in recent years, more and more governments also pay more attention to the related projects and also have decided to give a bigger investment and supports, which is also an important reason why more and more merchants are eager to catch this great opportunity.

Energy development

The charcoal produced by shell carbonizing machine has greatly quiet the energy shortage and can be used as fuel directly instead of coal. It is also a renewable energy, thus the shell or bamboo to charcoal plant has responded to the international policy of sustainable development.

Nowadays, Xingyuan shell charcoal making machine has obtained public reception in the international market, and our company also provide top rate service for our clients, which will never make you disappointed!

Comparison Between the Rotary carbonizer and our vertical carbonizing furnace

As recently the rotary carbonizing machine is seems more auto design, so more and more overseas customers prefer to use that machine, but that machine with lots of design flaw and disadvantages, if want to know pls contact us for more details information.

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