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Carbon Reactivation Tunnel Kiln


Xingyuan New Tech Activated Carbon Reactivation Tunnel Kiln

---Stable produce high reactivation
---Can reactivation all type of activated carbon
---Electricity consumption low
---Long life lasting

Wood Carbonizing Furnace

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Xingyuan New Technology Activated Carbon Reactivation Tunnel Kiln

---Stable produce high reactivation
---Can reactivation all type of activated carbon
---Electricity consumption low
---Long life lasting

Reactivation Tunnel Kiln

---Xingyuan Biomass Equipment Brand---

Wood Carbonizing Furnace

What is the activated carbon regeneration? Or what's meaning activated carbon reactivation?

Carbon Reactivation Kiln,Waste activated carbon reactivation, often referred to as regeneration, is a method of thermally processing the activated carbon to destroy the adsorbed components contained on its surface. In regeneration, the adsorbed components are almost completely removed, yielding a regenerated carbon that can again function as an adsorbent.

In the adsorption process, carbon activity and adsorption capacity are decreased through organic fouling contamination with fuel and lubricants from processing equipment, flotation reagents, grinding aids, viscosity modifiers, humic acids and plastics.

Organic fouling slows the gold and silver adsorption rate and decreases the metal loading capacity of the carbon. Precious metals losses occur as available gold and silver cyanide ions are not captured by the carbon. Remaining precious metal inventory builds within the circuit leading to higher soluble losses to tailings.

That's where our carbon regeneration kilns can restore activity of fouled or 'contaminated' carbon for a far more sustainable approach versus purchasing new activated carbon. Eliminate the cost of disposing of fouled carbon which still has useful life, all while incurring fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

How to reactivation the spend activated carbon?

Spent (waste) granular or pelletized or Powder activated carbon can be recycled by thermal reactivation, in which the spent carbon is processed through a high temperature reactivation furnace at or above 850°C. The adsorbed organics on the carbon are thermally decomposed. The resulting gases are fed through an afterburner and a treatment system to allow emission to atmosphere in accordance with most stringent environmental regulations. Recycling by thermal reactivation is an environmentally responsible disposal method that helps to reduce CO2 emissions over the activated carbon and contributes to a sustainable use of the world's resources.

It's important to note that regeneration and reactivation actually refer to two technically different processes. However, these terms are frequently used interchangeably across many industries, and as such, are used so in this article.

According to the type of equipment, Xingyuan have two type of reactivation kiln for the spend activated carbon.

A: Rotary kiln -activated carbon reactivation kiln

This Rotary kiln regeneration line is suitable for the GAC(granular activated carbon) and Pelletized activated carbon, NOT suitable for the powder type activated carbon.

B: Tunnel Kiln- activated carbon regeneration kiln

This Tunnel kiln can used for the power type of activated carbon.

Xingyuan PAC(powder activated carbon) reactivation production line

Reactivation Tunnel Kiln

Xingyuan Activated carbon regeneration production line flow chat

Reactivation Tunnel Kiln

AC Reactivation Plant Computer Monitoring System

Reactivation Tunnel Kiln

Xingyuan Project  Activated Carbon Regeneration Tunnel Kiln

Spend activated carbon can be separated into Hazardous Waste and General Solid Waste

For example:

Spend activated carbon from chemical or medicine industry will be the hazardous waste ,and Spend activated carbon from sugar or oil factory will be the General Solid Waste.

This two different type of waste can all use our reactivation production line, but the waste gas treatment design will be little different, in another words, in Hazardous waste treatment, need equipment to remove the Dioxin. So the Dioxin Remove process will be the main different between Hazardous Waste and General Solid Waste activated carbon regeneration flow design.

Reactivation Tunnel Kiln

Powder type regeneration activated carbon packing system

Reactivation Tunnel Kiln

Activated Carbon Reactivation Rotary Kiln Production Line

Xingyuan Activated Carbon Regeneration Tunnel Kiln Model

Model No.Size  MMSpend AC Treatment Capacity (MT/DAY)Remark
XYARCM-T02100000(L)*2500 (W) *2000(H)25
XYARCM-T03150000(L)*2500 (W) *2000(H)60

Remark: Because the spend activated carbon moisture if different from 15-35% ,so the daily treatment capacity will be different .

Now Xingyuan two Type of Activated Carbon regeneration kilns

A: Rotary Kiln—Granular activated carbon reactivation kiln

B: Tunnel Kiln—Powder activated carbon regeneration kiln


AC Reactivation Tunnel Kiln


Reactivation Tunnel Kiln


Heating high temperature reactivation

Main material

1. red bricks &fire bricks & insulate material
2. Pushing driving system
3. Heating supply system
4. Transit carrier system
5. Smoke treatment system before discharge

Spend AC

1. Powder type AC
2. GAC (granular size spend AC)
3. Pellet AC
4. Honeycomb AC


(50-150m)Length * (2.5m)W * (2m) H for kiln body, whole set take place according to length


800-900 degree


Natural Gas, coal, bio-pellets


20-150MT per day

Project time

40-70days installation,
15days training, 20days running. totally 4 month

Start fire

first time 5-7days, after 3days


200KW. H per day

Fuel consumption 



1. Stable produce high reactivation
2. can reactivation all type of activated carbon
3. electricity consumption low
4. Long life


1. simi-auto operation
2. High fuel consumption

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